My abstract paintings are a personal expression of my fascination of symbols, ancient cave paintings and contemporary street art. Rhythm, pattern and balance is important in the paintings that I make. I start each painting with a sketch and then building up layers of collage materials that consist of found old and contemporary newspaper clippings and photos, old text notes, sheet music, pigment and sand. Much of the paper and notes are from my home and childhood.

These collage pieces are then cut and mounted on to the canvas or board in a specific way to form the underlying pattern for the painting. Like the memory, the paper and image clips are fragmented across the canvas.

This helps lay the foundation for the initial imagery and paves the way for the following applications of an impasto layers of paint.

The paintings includes clues and fragments from the past, mixed with symbols and figures from the petro glyphs and cave paintings. I use fragments of the past and the present. Some symbols are old and well known; others are made up and resemble ancient symbols and writing. I create images in which the meanings of the adjacent symbols change.

My paintings are a combination of mixed media works that involves acrylic, oil, tempera, gauche and collage elements. Texture, surface treatments and color are very important aspects of my work in order for each painting to have a very profound and compelling presence.

The goal is to create a compelling work of abstract art that engages the viewer, is endlessly absorbing and promotes a meaningful dialogue. Where the images can be seen as decorative, but also give an interest to move closer to see more details.

Documenting the lives and our footprint through time and what the future have to show, history repeats itself. This has happened, mixed with a dreamy, ethereal world.